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CLIA analyzer

UD40 CLIA analyzer

Semi-auto CLIA analyzer is medical testing equipment with serum of patient through the analysis of the human immunodeficiency, which is applicable to quantitative analysis  of thyroid hormones, gonadal hormones, tumor markers , AIDS virus and other trace substances。
Technical Specifications
Sample board: 96-well microplates.
Sensitivity: 1X10-20mol/well
Spectrum range: 300-700nm
Measuring time: 0.1-100S/well
Interference between wells: less than 1X10-6
Substrate noise: 0RLU-100RLU/S
Linear range: 1RLU-2.5X106
Sensitivity: 1X10-22mol/well
Repeatability: CV<3%
Measuring system:Single-photoncounter(PMT)
Working environment:0-45℃, Max. Relative humidity 85%
Voltage:220V±10% or 110V±10%,50HZ±1HZ
  • LIS connection
  • Customer friendly software
  • Anti-interference detection system
  • Open  or  recommend   reagent
  • Multiple choice data analysis method
UD60  CLIA  analyzer


Type     Flash chemiluminescence
Operation modes   Random access &batch mode STAT function
Throughput   60 tests/hour for typical assays
Samples    Sample loading Continuous loading
  Tube type Primary tubes of varying sizes;
    Tubes: Outside diameter between 10-16mm,length between 75-100mm
  Capacity 30 positions
Sampling Probe Sample volume From 10ul to 200ul(assay dependent)
  Level sense Capacitance liquid level sensor with clot detection.
  Cleaning internal and external
  Carry over <0.1ppm
Specific reagents Available Assays 20 on board reagent cartridges
  Identification Positive barcode ID 
  storage temperature On boar refrigerated 2-6℃.
Reaction cuvettes Cuvettes type Disposable cuvettes
  Cuvettes on board 280
Washing station Aspiration Soft aspiration with magnetic particle separation
  Capacity of washing bottles 5 liters
Incubation Incubation temperature 37℃±0.5℃
  Reaction time (10+10)minutes for typical assay
Detector Detector Photo multiplier from 300-650nm
  Emited lime Isoluminol 420nm
Calibration Master curve  Up to 12 points
  User calibration 2 points re-colibration
  Working curve Calculated from master curve and 2 calibrators
  Calibration protocol Independent from the sample protocol 
Qc   Levey-Jennings charts
Others Connectivity requirements ASTM compliant Rs-232 or TCP-IP with batch and host query,bi-directional
  Power consumption 115VAC at 5.5 amps and 130VAC at 2.75 amps
  Electrical requirements 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz
  Noise level 60 dBA mesured from the front(1meter of distance)
  Ambient conditions Temperature 15℃-30℃
    Relative humidity 5%-85%(non-condensing)
  Electromagnetic compatibility(EMC) Class A